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Finding the right tutor for your child can be a challenge, but with Boca Raton Tutoring, we have experienced tutors to help your child excel at academics.  Our tutoring services encompass a broad range of services from math and reading, to standardized tests and special needs tutoring. Whether your child needs help catching up in school, or you want to give your child an edge with advanced work, we provide the assistance that you need.  As a local tutoring company, our goal is to help students in our area achieve success by providing the personalized tutoring that builds confidence and improves academic performance.


About Us
At Boca Raton Tutoring, we’re a local company that works with the best tutors to provide your children with the academic assistance that they need. We perform tutoring in a broad range of subjects from math and reading comprehension, to SAT and ACT tutoring for college admissions.  All of our tutors are fully qualified for the grades and subjects being taught, ensuring a high-quality program that’s designed to help your child excel.  Not only are all of our tutoring programs fully customized to the needs of the student, but our individualized programs help children succeed by giving them the personalized attention that they deserve.


    Our Services

    ​Boca Raton Tutoring is the name our clients trust when it comes to providing children with academic opportunities that help them succeed later on in life.  Our tutors work on a wide range of subjects, including reading and math tutoring for students of all levels and ages.  We specialize in ACT and SAT tutoring, helping students master the skills that these nationally recognized college admissions exams require.  In addition, we work with experienced special needs tutors that help children with physical or learning disabilities get the special attention they need to help them succeed.  We also provide high-quality homeschool tutors that bring our high standards of education to your home.


    Special Needs Tutor

    Hiring the right special needs tutor not only means finding someone with the knowledge to teach academics, but with the patience and understanding to manage your child’s requirements.  With our experienced tutors, we combine our years of experience as educators with our customized teaching methods that seek to instill a sense of confidence in the individual.  By helping cultivate skills at home, children are able to be more comfortable performing in a school environment.

    Home school tutor

    ACT Tutoring

    The ACT exam is one of the most widely recognized exams when it comes to college admissions - which is why being prepared can help your child feel more at ease come exam time.  With our ACT tutoring, we familiarize high school students with the questions and formats they would typically see on the test, helping them develop strategies and techniques for taking the exam.  Simultaneously, we help them grow their knowledge of the academic skills tested in order to help optimize test performance.

    SAT Tutor

    SAT Tutoring

    With over two million students taking the SAT every year, this standardized college admissions test can play an important role when it comes to determine your child’s future in higher education.  With our SAT tutoring, we help students learn the material required to achieve a high score, while teaching techniques that improve test performance.  By working with our tutors, students build a better understanding of the test materials, and perform better with our customized learning plans.

    “Our son has special needs, so when it comes to education we sometimes struggle to understand exactly how to best help him fulfill his school requirements.  After contacting Boca Raton Tutoring we found a tutor that understood our son, and was able to build a relationship that allowed him to work towards his academic goals.  Their after school tutoring has improved his life in so many ways, and we are forever grateful for their assistance.” – Marie E

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    “Finding the right tutor for our children to be homeschooled was proving to be a harder task than we imagined. A friend recommended Boca Raton Tutoring, and we are glad that they did! With their services we were able to find a reliable tutor that understood our lifestyle needs and how to effectively get our children to learn the appropriate material. We are happy we found their company and will continue to use them in the future.” – Alice Z

    Boca Raton Tutoring - Math Tutoring 1

    “Education is extremely important to my family and we wanted our daughter to stay ahead of her classmates to ensure her future success.  The private tutor from Boca Raton Tutoring helped her improve her scores from her PSAT to her official SAT exam.  My daughter was able to get into a good college, and we were very happy with their services.” – John C

    SAT Tutor

    Math Tutoring

    As your child reaches the high school age, it often becomes hard to provide them with the assistance they need when it comes to mathematics.  With our math tutoring services, we have the professional tutors that help keep your child on track, whether they’re struggling with basic concepts, or need assistance with AP calculus.  Our educators have years of experience handling learners of all levels and ages, customizing learning plans to suit the needs of the individual.

    private tutor

    Home School Tutoring

    When you’ve made the decision to homeschool your child, finding the right tutor is vital to creating the right academic atmosphere that is enjoyable and cultivates learning.  With our homeschool tutors, we find the perfect match for your student, customizing our programs to suit your needs and lifestyle.  We have tutors that are certified to teach all grade levels and subjects, providing an education that keeps students up to par with local and national testing regulations.

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    Reading Comprehension Tutors

    When your child has a high level of reading comprehension, it not only helps with literature classes, but can help with general learning no matter what field they choose to pursue in the future.  With our reading comprehension tutors providing customized learning plans, we help students build the skills that enable them to succeed at the high school level and beyond.  From remedial reading to AP English courses, our professionals help build comprehension skills that are beneficial for the rest of the students life.

    reading comprehension tutor

    Contact Us Today

    Hiring a tutor that understands the needs of your child can be a complicated project, but our team at Boca Raton Tutoring is here to help.  Whether you’re looking for homeschool tutoring or a special needs tutor we have the trusted experts that are qualified for the job.  Give us a call to find out about our full list of tutoring services and how they can help your child improve their academics.  We’re here to set up your consultation appointment, familiarizing your student with our professional educators.  Get in touch with us today to find out about our tutors and tutoring programs, and how they can help you and your child reach your academic goals.