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ACT Tutoring

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Students these days are part of an increasingly competitive academic world with tasks like college admissions becoming increasingly difficult.  At Boca Raton Tutoring, we’re here to make these challenges easier, helping your student develop the skills they need to get ahead of their peers.  The ACT is a standardized test that is widely accepted as a measure for college admissions and can make a difference when it comes to getting accepted to your desired school.  With our tutors, your student will get the personalized attention they need to work on challenging skills and they will learn the proper test-taking techniques.  Using our results-driven processes to improve scores, we’ve helped hundreds of students get into their dream universities.

ACT Test
The ACT is a standardized test that has been around for many years and is used by universities as a measure of skills prior to entering the world of higher education. Millions of students take this test every year, which is why it’s important for students to be prepared when taking this test.  With the assistance of our tutors, we focus on all of the areas the ACT addresses, including English, math, reading, and science.  Students can also opt to take a section that measures writing skills.  By analyzing performance in these areas with practice tests, we create a custom program that helps improve skills prior to test-taking.

Personalized Attention
The benefit of using our experienced tutors for ACT tutoring is the personalized attention that your child will receive.  While schools prepare students for these tests to some degree, they often lack the resources to individually target problematic areas that can use improvement.  With our tutors on the job, we use an assessment of the student’s work to understand what areas they need to improve the most.  From there we create a customized plan that helps them build their skills in weak areas.  In addition to providing innovative methods that appeal to learners of all types, we also provide custom coursework that enhances test-taking abilities.

Test-Taking Techniques
As with any skill in life, the more familiar, you are with something, the easier it seems to become.  With our tutors at Boca Raton Tutoring, one of our main goals is to familiarize your student with the formats of the test, allowing them to be comfortable during the official exam.  By reducing feelings of stress and anxiety, your child is better able to employ his or her problem-solving skills to approach a concept that’s already in a recognizable format.  In this method of understanding the exam, we help the student feel more comfortable when they know tricks and techniques that make the test seem less daunting.

Results Driven
When your child works with our trained ACT tutors, we guarantee that they will experience improved results in their test-taking. With our performance-driven techniques, we help your child improve their scores from their first practice exam to their official administration of the test.  By familiarizing the student with the format of the exam, and offering advanced test-taking techniques, we help them achieve the scores that can help them with college admissions.  Making sure every lesson we work on is aimed towards the goal of reaching an improved score, our ACT tutoring helps a growing number of students achieve their academic goals.